Check the compatibility of the Smart Controller with your motorized blinds

Check the compatibility of the Smart Controller with your motorized blinds

How to check if the Smart Controller is compatible to your motorized blinds? 

Although the Smart Controller is compatible with several 433.92Mhz RF motorized blinds brands, it is not compatible with all brands available on the market. The easiest way to check the compatibility of all your blinds is by matching their remote control with the list on the linked page below.

Didn't find your remote control?
Please send an email with the front and back pictures of your remote control to our technical support team at 

Current compatible brands

Allen+Roth, Alpha, A-OK, Arabel, Bofu/Simplicity (roller, vertical, top-down/bottom-up), Dooya, Dooya Bi-directional, Eclipse, Gaposa, Jiecang, Louvolite, Maxxmar, MotionBlinds, Neo Smart Blinds, Nice, Raex, Rollease Arc, Rollease Basic, Rollerhouse, Ronco, Somfy, Sunfree Radio+, Turnils AMP, Wistar.

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